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Royalty Free Graphic Image

The shown image was formed from two images of layered pattern spliced together to show in top half what can be done with template in bottom half . No fee, no royalty for using image or pattern shown in this post. Use it privately or commercially. Don't claim it as your own design.Credit it to anonymous artist if used commercially.

If you would like to have a .psd with each 'star' shape in a layer so .psd has several layers to be separately colored, (or a much larger .png, .jpg, .tga of either half), leave an email address in a comment. Comment will not be published, email address will not be commercially used, given, or sold by me. What google (owns blogspot) does with it is on google and against my desire. If you would like to counter any potential problem, one of the solutions: make a gmail account.

Graphic Image

Why have I placed conditions on use of this graphic, pattern, and other graphics using pattern? I've created other things in the past that someone else took credit for and forbade others from using without their permission, often with a cost in money. Anonymous Artist


Cream of Chicken, Cream of Mushroom, Cream of whatever, Soup

I've found a better way to do the following. Skip to New Version  to see the better way.

I've always liked Cream of Whatever soup. The other day I decided I'd learn how to make it. So I looked at some online recipes. I noticed that they all boiled down (;) to the Cream part. Are we talking about cream here? No. It's a from of boiled bread that's been frequently stirred to stop it from chunking up. Oh what a pain I thought. Then I had another thought. Wheat crackers! I like wheat crackers... Why not skip all that add flour, egg, milk, butter and so on? I pulled out a big soup pan, added one of those packages of crackers—the ones you get 4 of in the standard sized box of crackers. I crushed them by hand, added water (filtered of course), garlic, basil, pepper, salt, and a tinge of this and that. Put the mess on low med. Stirred it once it had reached slow boil and lo, I had cream of base. I added a little cooked and chopped up chicken, some milk, some butter. Once I'd cooked it up pretty good I tasted. Not bad but too thick. Added more water. Then I ate cream of chicken soup for a couple of days and not much else. Crackers are cheap and I got a lot of tasty soup out of a modicum of work! Next project will be Cream of Hamburger Soup! I've got the hamburger browning up now.

P.S. I just remembered: I also added a spoonful of natural sucrose sugar (definitely not fructose! Not corn syrup!). No noticeable sweetness, a little something to take the edge off. 

New Version

Create your standard soup/stew. Add some raw oatmeal grain not long before soup is fully cooked and you have a cream of _____ soup that's, in my opinion, better than the canned and almost as easy to make as any standard soup. Added work: find, open, and add raw oatmeal grain, then stir it in.